Welcome - To the first ever Cookout Campsite!

Experience the 3 Rs - Rest, Recuperate, Recharge!

About Us

We are a small team who have been taken in by Nature's beauty anywhere we go and would thus like to share ethe same feeling for everyone looking for a great weekend getaway with friends and family!

Our founder realised that there were many camping spots but a shortage in niche cookout spots where people could come specifically to enjoy REAL bbq, along with anything else which can be cooked over a fire such as:

  • Charcoal-baked pizza
  • Beggar Chicken
  • Ikan Bakar

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Don't know what to try? Check out some of our all inclusive packages which encompass everything you need to have the greatest Pitstop experience.


RM250 / pax

  • Kayaking
  • ATV
  • Snorkelling
  • Fishing Trip


RM100 / pax

  • BBQ
  • Camping
  • Campfire

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions one might have when making a reservation here.

  • Parking is available but limited, since your vehicles will be parked around the front of the campsite only. Car-pooling or buses/vans are highly recommended.

  • We are located in Port Dickson, the heart of adventure so activities such as ATV, kayaking, snorkelling and many more can be arranged.

  • We are not halal-certified but we try to keep to the basic guidelines of keeping an establishment halal (no beer/pork) in order to cater to everyone.



Our contact page where you can get ahold of a member of our team in order to make a booking or just ask questions in general.


2.4297222,101.8781667, Lorong Segenting 2, Kampung Segenting, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan


+60 19-212 4002 (Charlie)

+60 17-200 5477 (Timothy)

+60 11-1120 5971 (Zhixuan)

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